Father Austin L. Ryder Council 9407
6222 Franconia Road
  Alexandria, VA 22310

 shield Council Activities

Business meetings are held twice a month, the 1st and 3rd Monday, at 8:00 pm. Our council hosts a large number of council activities throughout the year. Weekly activities include Bingo on Thursdays and Fridays, Friday night club room specials. Monthly activities: Corporate communion, senior luncheons, pancake breakfast, pizza night, etc. Annual activities include: Italian night, New Years' Eve Party, Christmas Party, Religious Appreciation Dinner, Oktoberfest, Las Vegas Night, KOVAR, Include Church Activities, Youth Activities, Family Activities, Community Service and Council Activities.

 shield Upcoming Events

 October 2010
3-Oct-10 Parish Breakfast Hammond Hall following 7:30am & 9am Mass
7-Oct-10 Council Meeting
Hammond Hall, 7:30pm
Hammond Hall, 6:30pm
11-Oct-10 Columbus Day

17-Oct-10 Living Rosary
St. Lawrence Garden, 2:00pm
Meeting - Benefits
 Hammond Hall, 7:30pm
Officer Meeting
November 2010
1-Nov-10 Feast of All Saints
4-Nov-10 Mass for Deceased Knights
St. Lawrence Church, 7:00pm
7-Nov-10 Parish Breakfast and KOVAR Collections
Breakfast following 7:30 and 9am Mass
KOVAR after all Masses
11-Nov-10Veterans Day
13-Nov-10Scouting Food DriveHammond Hall, 9:00am
16-Nov-10(Hosting)2nd Degree at Mt. Vernon
Mt Vernon Council Hall
18-Nov-10MeetingHammond Hall, 7:30PM
20-Nov-10KOVAR Spaghetti DinnerHammond Hall, 6:30PM
25-Nov-10Thanksgiving Day

December 2010
2-Dec-10 Annual Senior Luncheon
Council Christmas Party
Hammond Hall, 11:00am setup
Christmas Party, 7:30pm
5-Dec-10 Parish Breakfast
8-Dec-10 Feast of Immaculate Conception

11-Dec-10 Childrens Christmas (Advent) Event

16-Dec-10 Meeting
Hammond Hall, 7:30pm